October 29, 2011

Yard Sale Results!

2 yard sales in one month might not have been the smartest thing for us to do, but the Lord provided in BIG ways through them!  We ended up making over $1400 between both of them and still had 2 truck loads to donate to Goodwill! 

 Thank you to everyone who donated items for our sale and the wonderful friends who sorted, organized, priced, and worked the sale with me.  I couldn't have done it without you! 

I believe the sweetest part of the whole sale was my boys desire to be a part of raising money for their sister, Grace.  Jonah was determined to have a cookie and lemonade stand for him and Micah to run and they were AWESOME!
Before the sale, Jonah said to me "Mom, all the money we make is ours right?"  Me: "yes Jonah it is all yours"
Jonah: "Ok good, we will then give it all to you to put in Grace's adoption fund!"

Love love love their love for a little girl that they have never met or seen that will someday be their sister!  

By the way, they ended up raising $33 selling very yummy cookies made by Judy Dobbs and Hannah Vest!

Again, thank you to all who donated or volunteered your time and help.

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