August 18, 2011

We are MOVING!!

Yes we are moving and in more ways than one! 

First of all we are moving along with our adoption process - we have applied to Christian Adoption Consultants and started our homestudy!  I came across CAC back in May.  I ended up calling one of their consultants, Carlee, to find out more about them and we had a wonderful conversation about the Lord's timing and His perfect plan.  She gave me tons of information and assurance that the Lord would lead us to the child He has planned for us.  As soon as I got off the phone, the Lord brought to mind Isa. 30:21 "This is the way, walk in it." 

So from that point on we knew this was the way to walk and I finally experienced a peace that had been missing.  Up to this point, I had really struggled with the thought that Wes and I would "pick" the wrong country, agency, or path.  God used several wise people to speak His truth to me that there wasn't a wrong decision...He was doing the leading and would not lead us astray.  So it was such a neat feeling to know His path for us and experience His perfect peace.

We are currently "Paper Pregnant" as the adoption world calls it because our lives seem full of sheet after sheet, packet after packet of paperwork!!  But I just keep thinking that the sooner I get it completed, the closer we get to holding our sweet Grace.

Secondly, we are actually moving to a new HOME!  We found a house in a great neighborhood that is perfect for our growing family.  We are all so excited and can't wait to move in.  We close and move next weekend so guess what I have been doing all night? PACKING! Oh how i really really don't like packing - I mean who really loves to pack?!   It would be so much easier if I had someone down here to help me like um... my mom or mother-in-law (hint hint)!!  :)

The boys are counting down the days until they get a shaded yard, a playroom, and a bedroom together!  They both think it is so cool that they get to sleep in the same room - we will see how bedtime goes though.  I am forseeing alot of giggling, playing, and trips into their bedroom to say "it's time to go to sleep."  But I know there will be many nights where Wes and I get to hear them tell funny stories, say sweet things, and one day pray with each other.  After they grow up, their bedroom will be a place full of childhood memories that they will reminisce about around the dinner table.

So as you can probably tell, we are quite busy around here with papework, packing, moving, and of course then there is the rest of our normal day-to-day life!  It's times like these where I am tempted to let my focus shift to my to-do list and it takes over my life and my mind.  And many times, I fall into the temptation headfirst and it starts to feel like I am drowning. 

God was so gracious to me today... I know that I haven't fallen in headfirst yet but I do have at least 2 feet in and my eyes are looking way too much at that huge to-do list.  He gently turned my eyes on Him this morning and showed me my great need for Him...only Him.  I suddenly could feel the weight of all I have to get done start to lighten - He carries my load for me so I don't have to.  I am so thankful that He gently restores His children and didn't wait until I was drowning to pull me out!  So I am choosing to "set my mind on things above, not on earthly things" (Col. 3:2) and to "draw near to God and  He will draw near to me." (James 4:8)

August 5, 2011

Grace shirts are HERE

207 Shirts - All for our sweet Grace!

The big brothers proudly wearing their shirts!  They are so excited to have a little sister - Jonah keeps praying "God help us get Grace quick."  Love it!

Jonah is 6!

Wow! I really can't believe that Jonah is 6 yrs. old!  Wasn't it just yesterday when I started having contractions while the youth group was over at my house on a late Wednesday night and I left them all there while we went to the hospital? (What was I thinking?)  Wasn't it just yesterday when my mom and mother-in-law flew on a last minute mid-night flight out to Colorado to see their 1st grandson born?  Wasn't it just yesterday when I witnessed God's goodness and love in the sweetest little baby boy?  What a precious gift he was to us and still is today.  Time has absolutely flown by, but I can still vividly remember all the feelings and emotions of that day.  Now I have still the most sweetest big boy who is full, yes FULL of energy and more importantly FULL of love and compassion.  He has been such a blessing to us as we have watched him grow physically and spiritually.  God has used Jonah in so many ways to teach us how to love others, how to give when we have more than enough, and how to give your all in whatever you do.  We love him so very much!

Jonah picked Waffle House for his Birthday breakfast and as you can see we made a waffle cake with candles!

Our last day with Kasey with us in Montgomery.  We will all miss her so much but loved having her for the summer!

Jonah showing off his dive at the YMCA. 
We love you Jonah Read Kohring!!