September 14, 2011

Catching Up

Well, alot has happened in our life since I last posted!  We have moved into our new home and absolutely love it!  It is a huge blessing and so perfect for our family now and as we grow.  The boys are doing awesome sleeping in the same room - they still think it is so cool. 

Micah turned 4 on August 30th!  He is so big now and THINKS he is so big (or at least as big as his brother).  He is one of the sweetest blessings in our life.  God has given him the best little smile that can melt your heart and make you laugh even when you are supossed to be serious as you discipline him :) happened already today!
Even more important than his precious smile, God has planted a love and compassion for others in his heart.  He is my super affectionate one - the one who can't get close enough to you and always wants to be touching.  When he was a little and even now when he hugs us, he loves to be cheek to cheek.  I remember Beth Moore teaching on being close to the Lord - face to face, cheek to cheek.  So everytime Micah pulls me so close to him that our cheeks literally touch, God sweetly reminds me of how close He is to me.

Adoption Update:

Tons of paperwork - check
Fingerprints - check
Homestudy Interviews - check
Boxes removed from Grace's room - not yet (still working)

God seems to be moving us along quite a bit faster than we had planned. 

God Story:  There is a piece of paperwork that has to be sent off to the state that has been taking 3-4 months to get back.  So as soon as we started our homestudy we sent that paperwork off knowing it would be the longest part of the process.  Well we then moved, set up our new home, and put our other homestudy paperwork aside since we had 3-4 months.  God had other plans for us - I got a call from our social worker last week and she informed us that the paperwork came back in 2 WEEKS!!! 

God's timing...I am always reminded of His perfect timing when I am in a waiting period - waiting on a new job, our house to sell, an answer to a long-standing prayer, etc...but this time is different.  God is moving faster than we had planned on this homestudy and I have wanted to say "Lord, wait are moving too fast...we aren't even done with all of our paperwork!"  But of course He reminds me that His timing (slow or fast) is always perfect.  He knows exactly when Grace will be ready for us and us ready for her - He is in complete control and always going before us preparing the way.  I love Him and His ways!


Wes' dad, Mark, is turning 60 this year and we are celebrating with a family beach vacation.  We had an amazing day and I will post pictures/videos hopefully tomorrow.  A couple of hints...crab catching, dolphins, snorkeling, beautiful weather!  Love being at the ocean!