July 4, 2013

His Story of Grace

It has been a whole year since Grace became ours so today we celebrate her "Gotcha Day" and God's amazing story of Grace.  I am still completely in awe of God's fingerprints throughout our journey to Grace and His faithfulness to His word.  

So here is His Story of Grace

Throughout the adoption process, I had been learning to listen to the Lord so I would journal our conversations that were full of encouragement, guidance, and His promises.  On October 21, 2011 I was spending time with the Lord and all He said to me was "7,4."  I am not a number kind-of girl and He had never told me a number before, but I wrote it down.  I usually ask Him to explain if I don't understand, but for some reason I didn't ask this time.  So I completely forgot about this number and our process continued on.  

It was the end of May and we got a call about a birth mom due the middle of July.  We presented our profile to her and waited.  In the waiting, the Lord reminded me of "7,4" and I thought maybe this is our baby Grace and she will be born on 7/4!  Well the birth mom ended up choosing a different family so I assumed I had interpreted the Lord incorrectly.  

Then on June 25, 2012 we get a call about another birth mom that is due the next week.  We presented and then had a phone conversation with her the next night.  She chose us to be her baby girl's forever family and we were completely ecstatic!!  She was scheduled for a c-section on July 5th.  I said to the Lord, "that is really close to 7/4!!"  Then 2 days later, her c-section was moved to July 3rd.  Man we were jumping around this 7/4 date!!

About 2 days before we flew out to Kansas, it hit me - Kansas is one of the only states that allow birth parents to sign away their rights just 12 hours after the birth.  Her c-section wasn't scheduled for the morning but at 1:30 pm which meant she wouldn't be able to sign until the early morning of 7/4!!!

I finally understood! Grace would become ours on 7/4!

What a sweet word to hold onto in the midst of a very uncertain couple of days!  There were ups and downs, twists and turns from the moment we got into Kansas BUT the Lord's faithfulness was our constant.  Both Grace's birth mom and dad signed away their rights and Grace became officially ours on 7/4!!!!  

"But even before I was born, God chose me and called me by His marvelous GRACE." 
Gal. 1:15

This was the scripture the Lord led us to for our Grace shirts at the very beginning of our adoption process.  I love the way He chose and called Grace into our family!  She was the perfect addition to our family and has been such a blessing to all of us.  

Thank you Father for our sweet Grace, your undeserved gift to us!  

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